Monday, 11 September 2017

My Speech - Sibling rivalry

This is something that happens to mostly everyone in the world.  Sibling rivalry. it is so annoying it kills me.  And there is one question that I won't to know.  Does anyone want to trade brothers and sisters?

Ok number one.  Do you hate it when your big sister tries to act cooler than you? Just cuz she's older? It could be when her friends are around or at the house or in public. I hate it she tells my friends all of my personal stuff like me making weird sounds in my sleep.  Or me playing air guitar in my sleep. So I think my sister should keep this stuff to herself.

And now number two I hate how my little brother likes to touch my stuff. When he has been sent to bed and I am downstairs I hear him playing in my room. I go upstairs to see what he has been boing he was playing with my guitar and my lego and my iPad. And I know that he just wants to be like me.

Now number three there is something that bothers me about how my brother doesn't like cream or strawberries or grapes and oranges. He doesn't even like tomatoes which are delicious but I understand how people like other things but like.  Again it's annoying how Fussy he is.
Now for number four my little sister Houner  she is so lovely not she is such a nurse when she catches me doing something sneaky she will go straight to dad. And whenever she does something I just keep doing what I'm doing. But with my sister once again she goes straight to dad and I get told off and I get consequence.

Now this next person isn't really one of my siblings.  But he is like the same and that person is my dad. He has the most baddest dad jokes ever. He will always say something that will embarrass me. He will do it at a disco. Or with a friend even at big performances like at monday meet up or at band qwest like break a leg or if you don't win I will put toe nails in your lunch tomorrow. Well something like that because I can't even keep track of how many times he says bad dad jokes.

I think he needs to learn reall jokes but he starts to stop when he hears this sound so after that sound he stops. But I have to make sure that we learn some new jokes tonight.

Can you believe all of that has happened to me? well I better grow up soon so then I can be free from my little brother touching my stuff.  Or my little sister telling on me, or my big sister embarrassing me, my little brother being fussy and my dad's unamusing jokes!

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