Thursday, 22 June 2017


Week1 2017

In week 1 slimming  Mr Anderson it was so funny every one started to laugh so that was the start of our Science project. So make sure you pot colour cornflower and water you can try different colours as well.

Week2 2017

In week 2 we did a rocket balloon at first it did not work because there was too much friction but the next time we tried it worked but we didn't stop there after that we tried a water balloon but that didn't end so well. So we just stuck with our original version I wonder if we do something like that again. 

Week3 2017

Ok in week 3 we tried something new. Instead of a straw we used paper. Same as usual it didn't work the first time. So we tried again but with different paper but still it didn't work but we found the right  piece of paper. And it worked perfectly but that wasn't the only new thing we tried we tried fishing wire as well and there was no trouble with it so that's the start of our Science project. 

Week 4 2017

In week 4 we experimented on the Trevor Shea it has a lot of thrust and lift it also has a little bit of friction. But when we did it at first it wasn't the best as all the other times we did it cause at first we started off at one weight then two weights and so on. And the more we add the further it went. So that's my week 4. 

Week 5 2017

For week 5 Were just reflecting on what we have done after  the past few months and of Course we have been talking about flight and I think we already know about the 4 forces drag weight thrust and lift. Where I am on the rubric is relational my next step in the rubric would be extended abstract. What I wonder is does a plane or a bird actually need drag.  and just to be honest about this week it's kind of boring. But other then that everything going good so far. So that's what we have been doing in flight class. This time it takes to. Thank you. 

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