Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Music Speech With Hendrix

This term we were learning to write speeches, using a speech structure and words to persuade the audience. 
My speech was about music. My speech is well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of speech structure.
All ideas connect to the point of view and include factual information.
It also Uses several language device to persuade and connect with audience. I used detail and rhetorical questions and good volume. When I shared everyone was Listening and when I went off stage I felt good. 

Please click here to listen to my speech or read it below.

Is there a musical instrument that you would like to play? It might be a violin or a guitar or even the booming drums. Think about it, because it’s not too late to give it a shot. 

What does your favourite instrument sound like? Mine sounds like a harmony. It’s like Magic. My dad helped me get this far by reminding me to practise.  It starts bad, but then gets better. When I started the guitar I wasn't very good. When I tried to play cool songs it will sound very irritating because you know, I had just started. So there are setbacks. But in the end it will sound perfect if you practice. Because it won't sound good if you don't practice. But I kept practising. It might be hard but it gives you a good feeling. You don't want to feel like you wish you had kept practicing because you will regret it. 

You have to practice. Because it can lead to better things like performing. You might play in the mail or in the street. Also if you go busking you could make a lot of money if you go busking even I'm going to go busking in summer. But first I need to practice then play ten songs then I will be able to go busking.

When it comes to sharing your music, and people tell you that your bad, then just ignore them, because it's your choice don't let everyone tell you otherwise. When you get good, you can pass it on to others that's a way to give people hope in music because it gives other people a shot at doing it. It’s even better if you have a whole band to help you get more ideas. Cos that's how you make a good band - practising, and sharing ideas.
Also one day you might even play on stage.  There are lots of good things about playing on a stage. When you're on stage you get a really good feeling following nerve wracking feeling. But at the end it's worth it because you proved that you can do it. It leads to better things like being a rock star. 

So what musical thing will you do? There's lots to choose from like singing or playing the drums or playing the guitar or flute or violin. That's the world of musical things. You can be anything don't let everyone tell you otherwise because it's your choice not mine not your friends and not your family Because it's your choice. But the advice is not over yet. Remember you don't just have to do one instrument you can do as many as you want. Now you see all the hard work will pay off, and one day you could perform or even play in a band. You still need to think about your future. Cos you will probably be a rock star by then


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  1. I think this is funny you will probably be a rock star by then